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Nouailhac Paris is a distinguished French manufacturer of chic upholstered furniture: Armchairs, chairs, sofas.. all upholstered with Nouailhac’s meticulous methods using French fabrics and made 100% in France, according to craft traditions. Unrivaled quality, outstanding designs both historical and contemporary, and the opportunity to personalize fabrics, patinas and other finishing details.

Today when discussion touches the highest quality of design furniture, Italian sofas and armchairs are often talked about.  France however possesses an even longer tradition of superb design and manufacturing of upholstered furniture, going all the way back to  the Baroque era.  And it is the niche firm of Nouailhac Paris that continues these traditions.

The firm was founded in 1956 and continues the highest quality precise craft work in its workrooms not far from Paris. The company  employs a cadre of skilled artisans who utilize their craft skills in woodworking, painting and upholstery. The result is pieces that provide superb comfort, look stunning and last for years.

The Nouailhac offering has been strengthened by its closer connection to the array of Houlès fabrics.  And in the Czech market Nouailhac is now represented in Prague by Kamila Harris Home with several finished pieces and the capability to design with you special personalized pieces to complement or spice up your décor.

classic nouailhac sofa in modern blue-green fabric sitting in indoor garden
luxurious contemporary armchair in black and olive by Nouailhac placed under painting of ballet dancer

Our History

The traditional craft methods of work utilized by Noailhac Paris go back to Baroque times in France. However the beginning of this fine craft company itself began in 1956 by an expert upholsterer in Paris (“Monsieur Grana”) who trained a small team of craft workers to build finished chairs using the historical manual craft methods. He was later joined by Gilles Nouailhac in 1972 who then spearheaded the further development of the company’s workshops and the international expansion of the brand.


Monsieur Gilles Nouailac examining an armchair

Monsieur Gilles Nouailhac

The Nouailhac ateliers in Villeneuve-le-roi, France

Near Paris in the village of Villeneuve-le-roi (the rural location of hunts for King Louis XV) is where Monsieur Grana first  established his workshops and Nouailhac has remained since.  It is the site of all of the craft trade work going into the fine finished Nouailhac furniture, whether chairs, armchairs, sofas or other incidental pieces.

Ateliers of Nouailhac in villeneuve-le-roi france

Fine beech hardwoods are used from the Vosges mountains in northeastern France for all the furniture. These woods are brought to the Nouailhac ateliers along with all other components, including rich upholstery fabrics from the sister company Houlès Paris or other fabric suppliers. First the woods are aged naturally, then worked and assembled into the wonderful finished pieces you see.

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Nouailhac designs

The Nouailhac ranges include exquisite historical French designs from the  Baroque era and beautiful contemporary pieces that accommodate any modern interior.

Kamila Harris Home is experienced working with clients to select pieces that complement their lifestyle and interior.  Once the piece is selected, the  creative process takes place to decide on wood and patinas, choose fabrics, and determine finishing details such as type of nails to use, fabric edging, etc..

This is an exciting opportunity to personalize the piece of fine furniture to reflect your own interior and taste.

The delivery time from order finalization with Kamila Harris Home to delivery in Prague is ten weeks. Nouailhac Paris is a highly reliable company not only regarding the precision of the work, but in other important respects too including delivery time; packaging for safe transport, etc.

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