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From childhood I was attracted to and connected with fabrics, so I learned to sew at an early age. My fascination with fabrics and eventually also interiors only grew stronger over time; subsequently I completed Design School in Prague. I began my professional activity in the field of fabrics/interior décor in 2013, when I opened my own small atelier and started to use the name “Kamila Harris Home” for these activities.

Diploma DesignSkola Prague 2013

Diploma from DesignSkola, Prague 2013

Therefore I am extremely happy at last to be able to offer you my products and services in a completely renovated beautiful space situated on the attractive Arbesovo náměstí in Smíchov . My unique location faces the calm green atmosphere of the park with its trees and fountain directly opposite my windows (It also has the advantage of relatively good parking possibilities around the square and is just around the corner from tram line 9 and only a short 5-minute walk to Anděl OC).

Woman walking by Kamila Harris Home showroom with dogs and looking at curtains in showroom windows


And naturally I conceived the interior so you would feel relaxed and truly enjoy exploring your decorating options here. 

Interior of showroom Kamila Harris Home with view to the park

Showroom interior

I am extremely proud that my portfolio of suppliers consists 90% of family firms with long business traditions – often a century – and strong emphasis on fine craftwork. This holds true for all the fabrics we offer, whether from France, Germany, Portugal, etc. … also for the fine KA International upholstered furniture and fabrics from Spain …the wonderful artistic rugs made under careful Fair Trade conditions in India and incorporating French artistic input…the lovely cashmere throws from Italy and bedding from Portugal…and even the beautiful fabric lampshades made to order in our own Sumava.

Kamila Harris showroom Arbesovo namesti Praha

Kamila Harris

Many of our projects require local measuring, planning, sewing and installation and the excellent local team of Kamila Harris Home is the key to our successful results with satisfied clients. We normally do own measuring of windows and rooms to ensure correct outcomes for your window treatments: this turns into specifications not only for the curtains but also the technical hardware to ensure it fits right and looks great. We have a deeply experienced local team of fitters and seamstresses to ensure perfect results for you. And they have a total client service attitude which is also integral to success


Now we are offering also expert interior design services in-house, with Toscha van Randwijck from Holland. 

Toscha discovered her love for colors and textures while watching her grandmother paint silk flowers in the most beautiful and exotic colors. While living in Paris she developed her love for architecture and combined both passions in interior design study while living in Florida. After living many years in South America Toscha founded together with her partner Scarlett an interior design firm in 2002 in Amsterdam, Equilibre-Interiors ( In 2014 she moved to Prague and started working as a designer for the company of her husband, Bohemian Works.(

In early 2019 Toscha decided to go back into interior design and teamed up with Kamila in Prague to expand the business of Kamila Harris Home. Kamila and Toscha share their love of fabrics and colors and with the new brand of KA International they are sure they can offer something unique in the decorating market of the Czech Republic.


Why did I decide to establish the brand Kamila Harris Home?

It’s very common in Western Europe and elsewhere in the world to establish a business behind one’s own family name. Although it is less common in our geographical area, I know that the Czech Republic and our people have many deep craft skills to offer the world. Why not then leverage the ingenuity, industriousness and craftwork of our people and their spirit? We certainly experienced this during the first Czechoslovak republic – its architecture and feeling for craftwork is admired still.
Therefore I set up “Kamila Harris Home” since if you work honestly and with your heart it is no risk to stand behind it with your own name. It is my commitment that you will make discoveries to enrich the beauty of your home and be truly satisfied.


Logo for Kamila Harris Home stylized curtains in mustard yellow on white background

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