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From young childhood I was attracted to  fabrics – so that I was already seated by my mother’s sewing machine at age 12. This fascination with fabrics and sewing as a hobby never left me, even during my years as a professional secretary, so  eventually I enrolled in private Design School in Prague. I studied the entire realm of interiors but I really wished to focus in one specific arena, which for me had to be my first love – textiles and their application to interiors.  So I started my business in the field of fabrics/interior décor in 2013, when I opened my own small atelier under my own name.

Diploma DesignSkola Prague 2013

Diploma from DesignSkola, Prague 2013

My philosophy is that you should feel totally comfortable and relaxed in our showroom as if you were home, and therefore better able to envision the solutions that will work in your own home.

I am extremely proud that my portfolio of suppliers consists 90% of family firms with long business traditions – often a century – who are the leaders in their specialized arenas.  In addition to fabrics, which we import primarily from France, England, Portugal and Germany, I have been able to arrange  suppliers of beautiful wallpaper and now tasteful rugs/carpets which are made primarily by hand in India and Nepal.   You will also find a wide offering of upholstery fabrics here to renovate your favorite armchair or sofa that is handed down in your family from generation to generation.

Kamila Harris showroom Arbesovo namesti Praha

Kamila Harris

Most of our projects require professional measuring, planning, sewing and installation.  You can be sure that at Kamila Harris Home we know our craft well and we enjoy carrying it out for you. Normally we do our own measuring of windows and rooms to ensure correct outcomes for your window treatments: this turns into specifications not only for the curtains but also the technical hardware to ensure it fits right and looks great. 

Why did I decide to establish the brand Kamila Harris Home?

It’s very common in Western Europe and elsewhere in the world to establish a business behind one’s own family name…athough this concept was mostly lost in our own country in the past due to the political regime. To build a business under your own name is especially a major commitment towards clients and even towards oneself since one’s reputation is then directly connected to the quality of work that is achieved

KA International/furniture and interior fabrics

And now for you, our clients, we have brought to the Czech market the brand KA International which combines our experience and knowledge of fabrics and interiors together with the talents of this unique supplier from Spain. They offer the possibility to customize the textiles and upholstered furniture to fit precisely your own requirements and decor. 

Fabrics for windows, upholstery and the furniture itself  can be synchronized from a single brand and at a competitive price for the client as well. Nearly all furniture/fabrics are made in Spain and Portugal.  More can be seen on

I look forward to your visit to our showroom – and enjoying a coffee/tea with you.



Logo for Kamila Harris Home stylized curtains in mustard yellow on white background

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