Luxusní umělecký francouzský koberec


by Jitka Prokopiusova · 14. September 2022

Today we would like to dwell on a kind of imaginary anchor and focal point of our rooms, which is the rug. The rug has a great influence on the transformation of the room and our feeling of the room. It isn’t only the color of the rug nor its pattern that is decisive, as […]

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Our modern, elegant and luxurious throws and scarves from England: Bronte by Moon

by Jitka Prokopiusova · 13. September 2022

The memorable year 1837 marks the accession of Queen Victoria to the British throne in England. Queen Victoria ruled the British throne for 63 years and was the second longest-reigning monarch after Elizabeth II, who was her great-granddaughter. During this era, which we know as the Victorian period, Britain saw not only military and political […]

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Blue Velvet

by Jitka Prokopiusova · 22. June 2022

What comes to mind when you hear the word velvet? My association, which will probably forever remain a bitter song from David Lynch’s film “Blue velvet”, performed by the irresistible Isabella Rossellini: She wore blue velvet Bluer than velvet was the night Softer than satin was the light From the stars….   And that is […]

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Blackout curtains contributed to healthy sleep

How light affects our sleep

by Jitka Prokopiusova · 24. May 2022

Many of us sleep in a room riddled with some form of artificial light – whether it’s television, electronics, or disturbing streetlights. A body of study and evidence exists to suggest that exposure to light at night can be quite harmful in a variety of ways and could even predispose us to chronic illness. So, […]

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