Today we would like to dwell on a kind of imaginary anchor and focal point of our rooms, which is the rug. The rug has a great influence on the transformation of the room and our feeling of the room. It isn’t only the color of the rug nor its pattern that is decisive, as many of our customers initially believe. Rather, the overall atmosphere of the room is influenced by the rug’s composition, the height of the pile, and especially its size.

As for the size of the carpet, there are unwritten rules for each type of space, which we would like to reveal to you here.

The main rule is:  bigger is better than smaller. Too often, clients come to us who have made the mistake of choosing too small a carpet size, which has the effect of making the room look optically smaller, disorganized and even cramped. When we put a larger rug in the room, we immediately achieve greater airiness and sophistication of the space.

In order to choose the right size rug for a living room, we should keep in mind that we buy a rug only after we have clarified in advance what the spatial arrangement of the living room will be. Our sofa and armchair should rest at least half on the rug (not less), and the carpet should extend at least 30 cm on each side. The more substantial the armchair, the more of its surface you place on the carpet. In a room where we have lighter armchairs, it is acceptable for them to be at the edge of the rug, however better yet if the front legs of the chairs are on the placed on the rug. The same concept applies to side tables that we put next to the seating furniture, they look much better if they are standing totally on the rug.

Koberec v obyváku ma správnou velikost pod sedačkou

At Kamila Harris Home, we often place rugs in the hallways of our clients’ homes. We endeavor to show our clients that even hallways are not just a passage space that doesn’t really matter, but they should also be given appropriate attention. The hallway is usually the first room we enter from the outside and it is the corridor that makes the first impression on us. That is why we also try to make the hallway a place that is cozy, pleasant and in harmony with the rest of our overall interior. Not everyone has a large, spacious hall in their apartment, where a round or rectangular carpet stands out beautifully. We often deal with narrow spaces, which are very suited to a narrow, long carpet, the so-called runner. It makes the space special and gives it a feeling of warmth and coziness. In the case of the tread, it is necessary to pay particular attention to its correct width, so that it is not too narrow and thus does not unnecessarily narrow the space, or, on the contrary, too wide, so that it does not rise on the sides of the corridor.

dlouhý koberec na chodbě v spravné velikostí

Rugs in the bedroom add coziness and subdue energy. Since the bedroom is not a communication-heavy zone, we prefer finer and softer carpets, preferably with a longer pile. For a classic look, we prefer large rugs on which the entire bed and side tables rest. In the morning, when we get out of bed, we get the first nice feeling when our feet gently touch the floor and we immediately start the day more positively.

For a more modern look in the bedrooms, the rug can be placed only partially under the bed, but it’s  important to pay attention to the symmetry of both the placed carpet and the entire space.

For an equally important pleasant and warm feeling in our dining room, we place rugs under the dining table. Here we choose carpets with a short pile and from a range of easy-care carpets. The carpet should exceed the dining table by approx. 65 cm, so that the carpet doesn’t curl and roll when chairs are pushed in and out.

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