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We do beautiful custom curtains, lovely sheers, blackout curtains, dim-out curtains. We sew traditional curtains, simple curtains, complex curtains, curtains that are unobtrusively harmonized with the interior. And we do curtains with pelmets, tie-backs of all sorts, luxurious and even opulent curtains..all only depends on your own taste, plus the feelings and connection you have for your own interior.

We can design and install for you curtain rails, poles, pelmets, rails above the window frame and up to the ceiling and all with a precision to millimeters.  The hardware can be technically-perfect but totally unobtrusive, or architecturally visible, if you wish.

In fact this is a creative process, where every curtain is custom-designed and original. I love to work with the smallest design details such as upholstered textile piping, textile trimmings and sophisticated fringes so every item and project is unique.

We carry out the professional measurement of the space carefully by our technical expert; we calculate and then order the selected materials from our suppliers abroad; we coordinate the custom production of curtain hardware that is often required; we do the professional hand sewing in Prague by our expert seamstress;  and finally we supervise the precise installation and decorative fine-tuning of the finished hardware and curtains.

Please look at some of our recent projects..

Curtains and blackouts

The variety of curtain and blackout/dimout styles is really infinite..the solution that makes sense for you depends on your taste as well as technical issues in many instances.  We enjoy the combined creative and problem-solving skills that are needed in this process.

Luxurious living room curtains in mustard yellow with aqua-blue accents behind a contemporary sofa in aqua blue fabric with cushions


Sheers can be extremely simple but nonetheless light and lovely. Or due to the array of new fabrics the designs can be stunningly modern and contemporary, even artistic. We can see together with you what is the ideal solution for your own home or interior.

A modern sheer curtain in daylight

Tiebacks and trimmings

These elements can be primarily functional or they can be even extraordinarily extravagant. We work closely with a few creative suppliers from France, England and Spain who are extremely well-known to decorators and architects.  It is tremendous fun for us to work with you on your special design.


Opulent tiebacks in grey shades by Houles of Paris


The array of fabrics for curtains and sheers is today nearly endless. So we concentrate first and foremost on “curating” our own selection of wonderful fabric houses, materials, designs and details so you are able to decide in this sea of delectable sensations.


Pile of curtain fabric samples in a range of colors by the French firm Houles

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