We have a wide range of high quality piece rugs for our clients from several European suppliers.
Our uniformly high-quality carpets are made of wool, viscose and man-made fibers.

Are you looking for practical kitchen rugs, a functional hallway tread, luxury designer rugs for the living room, comfortable rugs for the bedroom or imaginative rugs for the children’s room?
Choosing a carpet is always a certain alchemy, and choosing the right one cannot be rushed.
Many factors need to be considered to make sure that a rug will last a long time in our home and be functional at the same time.

It is important for us at Kamila Harris Home in Prague to always clarify with the client for which space the carpet is intended and to what demands it will be exposed. Quite often we encounter an interior where the rug is nice, but it is an inappropriate size, therefore it doesn’t work well in the interior.

We always try to recommend to the customer a carpet that will match the furnished interior, even if he is looking for a certain dominance or unification of the existing interior. A rug is a picture on earth, a rug is your friend when you want to hide from the world at home, read a newspaper and make tea. The rug is a soft home, a play area for your children, a soft pad for your feet. In short, we think that carpet definitely belongs in every interior.

We are able to advise you so that your interior looks its harmonious best.

You can choose from a menu of rugs at Kamila Harris Home:

Modern handmade rugs from Denmark, which combines Scandinavian design tradition and simple sophisticated style with old weaving techniques. The collection excels with natural materials, beautiful craftsmanship, soft colors and simple patterns.

All carpet collections of this British manufacturer are designed to offer the latest carpet trends in both design, color and structure at all price levels.

Louis de Poortere’s Belgian master carpet weavers have teamed up with Villa Nova designers to create high-quality designer carpets in flat weave textures and hand-stitching.

We present you a sophisticated German concept that offers luxury carpets for modern and timeless interiors. Do you long for a modern rug? Or perhaps you would rather have a carpet sewn with a border….JAB can do it all, you can determine the color combination yourself.

Something for art lovers. Handmade French fair-trade carpets, of natural fibers; These are basically works of art that will dominate your space. We call them paintings on earth.