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Kamila Harris Home specializes in custom window treatments and upholstered furniture, plus additional soft furnishings for your home.

We sew all kinds of window coverings: curtains, sheers, shading, blackouts, Roman blinds, plus handle the installation of curtain rods and technical hanging systems.  Naturally we also cooperate with interior decorators, architects, hotels and other businesses.

We also provide upholstery fabrics and reupholstery services; we offer interesting artistic carpets from England and France, splendid blankets and throws from Italy and England and now a wide array of upholstered furniture from KA International of Spain: sofas, couches, armchairs, chairs, benches, bed headboards..

The primary goal of Kamila Harris Home is that you feel that your own home is the most beautiful place for you – so that you feel wonderful there.

Curtains and sheers

All our curtains and sheers are made to the highest standard.  Our fabrics come from selected European fabric mills and are transformed into your beautiful window treatments by our expert local seamstresses and installers. More here..


Green geometric curtain fabric KA International

Blinds and plissée

We design several types of blinds: classic roller blinds in many variations from the company Bematech; Roman blinds from fabrics according to your choice; and plissés to be installed into  window frames, often suitable for bathrooms.  The blinds for your situation depend on the type of window and your own taste.

Roman blind_fabric Clarke & Clarke

KA International furniture, curtains..

The KA International concept – simply said:  beautiful diversity. KA offers approximately 150 pieces of furniture.  The numerous options allow customization according to the needs of each client:  adapting the dimensions, fabrics, wood color and even the type and firmness of fillers in backs and seats.

KA International logo

Sofa KA International

Wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca throws from Italy and England

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Frati of Italy and Abraham Moon of England. Frati makes the most beautiful blankets out of natural materials such as, wool, cotton and cashmere. And Abraham Moon also adds very special mohair and alpaca to our collection.

Blue throw from Italian company Frati

Upholstery fabrics and reupholstery services

KHH is cooperating with the best upholstery masters who admire the old way of working and are able to transform your beloved and old piece of furniture into a stunning new statement.  Plus we have a wonderful selection of upholstery fabrics to choose from, also if you wish to pursue the upholstery work on your own.

Wallpapers and decorative accessories

To our clients we offer wallpapers by KA International of Spain, EVO from Portugal and Anna French from the USA. We are happy to organize wallpaper installation at your home by our professionals.



Curtain rods/curtain rail systems

We work with numerous solutions:  Aluminum curtain rod profiles; modern and tasteful French systems; classic brass systems; and stylized wooden systems too.  More here..


Curtain pole in a contemporary design in brushed silver metal finish with curtain in gold yellow shades

Diacasan Edition Rugs designed in France

All of Diacasan Edition’s carpets are made from noble materials: wool, vegetable silk, natural fibers. The manufacture of our carpets is a wholly traditional process, hand-made according to ancestral traditions of Nepal and India.  The rugs are designed in Paris by artists like Espinoza or Alnoor. 

Bedding from Portugal

For a long time I was searching for the right and good quality bedding, which I missed in our market in the Czech Republic. I believe in simplicity which is quality and the use of fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, linen… And at last I found the splendid bedding in Portugal. You can choose different colors from Egyptian cotton or linen. We can also order custom sizes according to your needs.

Bedding, bed sheets in cotton and other natural materials from Portugal

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